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Learning to play Alphorn? - Is, not difficult, like singing.


The alphorn’s total range of notes consists of about 10-12 natural tones.

However, with these relatively few tones (a piano has almost 100 tones) it is possible to play beautiful melodies which mainly orientate on the major key triad. Learning this natural instrument is possible for every person at every age. Even for slightly musically gifted people. (And fortunately, that includes almost everybody; I never met anybody who was completely unmusical, but a lot of people who were unjustly told so by parents, teachers or colleagues).


You do not have to be able to read notes, as it is quite easy to learn them during the process of learning the instrument, and at the beginning, 3-4 tones are sufficient. While it is helpful to play the Alphorn from music, it is not at all necessary, as herdsmen played and improvised on it for centuries. The famous trumpeter Louis Armstrong became a star and did not know a single note. He learned reading music at an advanced age from his third wife who was a pianist. 

You can learn Alphorn by yourself with the aid of a good “school” or a teacher (which is usually easier). Even a good trumpet, horn, or trombone teacher can teach you the basics. What the Alphorn demands is a good, natural breathing and a persistent, but not ex- aggerated training of lips and breathing musculature – skills that many “overcivilized” people lack nowadays.
Music therapists and anthroposophically oriented clinics already integrated this old instrument in their work.




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